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We are very excited to announce a series of performances interspersed throughout our North American spring tours. They will be taking place in galleries, art spaces, community centers, and various other alternative venues.

What to expect:

We are going to install a design we have created and play as a two-piece within this “installation.” The performance will be continuous without breaks. Due to the lack of stages, the audience will be expected to sit on the floor (bring a pillow!). The show will feature songs mostly from Thank Your Lucky StarsDevotion and our self titled record (songs we can play as a two piece). This is by no means a “stripped down” or intentionally intimate performance. The design requires a maximum audience of 200, so that all can see the performance space.

The concept:

It has always been difficult to carry the initial moments of creativity that inspire our music through the process of making and releasing a record. There are many chances along the way for the feeling to get lost. A lot of “bedroom” bands experience this when they get to the studio or the stage. This installation performance is an attempt to elicit this pure, embryonic state of mind for ourselves and our audience.

A note on ticket prices:

The ticket costs for these alternative-space performances are much higher than our normal shows. This is due to the very high production costs and low ticket number. The ticket price is set as low as possible in order to cover our costs and not lose money on the show. We sincerely apologize if it’s unaffordable for any fans who may want to attend.

Here are the cities and dates. Austin to Seattle tickets on sale April 7th at 11am local time: