beach house

On our late winter/early spring tour in the US we played a series of shows that took place in galleries, art spaces, community centers, and various alternative venues.

We designed an installation for us to play within as a two-piece. The performance was continuous without breaks and the audience sat on the floor due to the lack of a stage. The show featured songs mostly from Thank Your Lucky Stars, Devotion and our self titled record (songs we can play as a two piece). This was by no means a “stripped down” or intentionally intimate performance. The design required a maximum audience of 200 so that all could see the performance space.

It has always been difficult to carry the initial moments of creativity that inspire our music through the process of making and releasing a record. There are many changes along the way for the feeling to get lost. A lot of “bedroom” bands experience this when they get to the studio or the stage. This installation performance was an attempt to elicit this pure, embryonic state of mind for ourselves and our audience.

The cities and dates for the few performances were as follows:
March 2nd – Chicago, IL
March 4th – Toronto, ON
March 8th – Montreal, QC
March 12th – Boston, MA
March 20th – Philadelphia, PA
March 22nd/23rd – New York, NY
March 24th – Baltimore, MD
April 10th – Austin, TX
April 21st – Los Angeles, CA
April 26th – San Francisco, CA
April 29th – Portland, OR
May 1st – Vancouver, BC
May 3rd – Seattle, WA

Thank you to everyone who came and experienced these shows with us.
Beach House